Before You Say ‘I QUIT’: How To Transit From a ‘9 – 5’ To Becoming Your Own Boss


Do you want to have more time on her hands to be with your kids or just to do whatever you feel like doing?


Are you considering leaving your job now?

I know that feeling, it can drive you crazy. Most times you don’t rest until you have finally quit your job. It’s nice to be your own boss, but before quitting your job there are a few steps you need to put in place

  1. Have a plan: do not wake up one morning and quit your job, without something to fall back to. You must always have a plan. It’s nice to be your own boss, but when you do not have a plan or a structure which the corporate world gives you then you have a problem.
  2. Time management: when you had a 9 to 5 you always looked forward to weekends. You had it planned. In fact one sin you dared not commit was to waste your weekends on frivolous things. Well when you start working from home, every day becomes weekends because guess what? You don’t have to rush off every day of the week in order to get to work early. You can sleep all day if you want to. And if you have kids, you can still sleep all day after you have dropped them off at school. This is where time management and structure comes to play. You have to trick your brain. Let your brain know when it is work time and when it is playtime, you do not want your hard work to go unrewarded.
  3. Nurture your business 1st. In Nigeria this is called having a ‘side hustle’. For instance if you want to quit your job to be a full time writer, spend your free time after work, in developing your writing career. If possible have a lot of your work published on various sites. You can also self publish your books, short stories or novellas, sites like on amazon, its as simple as A,B,C. This can be done at your own pace and it would help you get genuine feedback from your readers.
  4. Look for mentors and shadow them: I think this is one of the best ideas known to man, find mentors and shadow them. One thing is certain, successful people like to share their knowledge; they do not keep it to themselves. If you are willing, you would be taught. If you want to be a fashion designer or a stand up Comedian, look for successful people in that field and shadow them. If you are a blogger and you are trying to build your traffic, thereby converting your traffic to cash flow, shadow successful bloggers, listen to them, follow them, learn from their experience, if possible guest post for them, this would help you tremendously.
  5. Become active on social media: this is very vital, as we are in the technology age. If you want to the successful in your business you have to be on social media. You have to learn to use the tools to grow your business. You cannot have a business without a proper website, a proper blog, a proper Facebook or twitter page. People want to be able to trust who they are working with, and the easiest way to know who you are dealing with is by searching for their profile on the Internet. Note: make Google your friend. I have heard of cases where people’s have gotten jobs through their Facebook pages, or have lost jobs as well. Warning: use social media wisely.
  6. Never stop learning: it’s easy to assume we know it all, especially if one has years of experience maybe as head of sales and marketing, in a well established firm. Being your own boss is a totally different ball game. Go into it with the mind of an inquisitive child who can never cease to ask questions. In this case curiosity doesn’t kill the cat. Learn from everybody, learn from the street business owners, learn from the Harvard trained business owners, learn from everywhere.
  7. Lastly get into the habit of savings and living below your salary. They say if you do something for more than 90 days repeatedly it becomes a habit. Make it your habit.

Ibifiri Kamson is a full time writer and blogger. You can find her articles on, where she writes as Tee journaling her interesting life in the continent Asia, as she currently resides there. She also runs her own blog, focused on teaching women how to work from home while they joggle motherhood and family

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