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 Volunteering is working for an organisation without being paid. Giving you time to help someone else or a cause you care about, simply because you want to and without expecting payment. You can choose what you want to do though it always gets you involved in something you care about or are interested in. People who pick up voluntary jobs may see themselves as just giving a helping hand, and not as volunteers.

There are many ways one can volunteer depending on how much time one can spare. Various organization give room for full time, part time, evening and night volunteering.

Volunteering serves as a boost for the long term unemployed that is because the longer you are unemployed, the weaker your social networks tends to be and the harder it becomes to get a referral. Volunteering can also provide you with an insider’s advantage if the non profit has an opening for a paid position.

The list of things volunteers do is almost endless. No one is considered too old or too young to volunteer. In some instances, your age may make you the right candidate for some kinds of volunteer jobs.

Volunteering can be a very positive experience. Before embarking on any volunteer job you need to assess your skills, research the organizations which could use and develop your skills and give you work experience for your own CV this is because including volunteering experience in your CV show employers you can keep regular hours and handle commitments.

With a volunteer job, you become a stronger job candidate. Volunteering as a pathway to employment helps you make new friends as well as those who can help you find paid jobs, increases your confidence, gives you a better chance of getting paid job, gives you a sense of satisfaction and achievement, discover new hobbies and interest, helps you acquire skills or knowledge as a volunteer and then putting them to use may demonstrate higher levels of capacity, potentially making you more attractive to and productive for employers.

Volunteering motivates job seekers by making them feel needed and productive, it allows them expand their network of contacts easily and effectively, gives them new accomplishment to talk about during their next interview, which might just lead to an offer.

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