Do you want to become a Fashion bags’ wholesaler or retailer in 2015?

Susen pink

Susen fashion handbags, made in China by a top manufacturer, is well known in Middle East, Asia, Europe, Africa and very popular for 7 years. There are over 200 new designs each month. With the stylish high quality bags, you can be guaranteed of stylish designs comparable to top fashion anywhere.

Start with N50,000 only. Do you know you can start with as little as N50,000? Let me tell you how.

You can get 8 bags for the N50,000. This means each bag costs you about N6250. If you resell at minimum of N7,500- N8,000 which is the average market price, you will make between N1,200- N1750 profit per bag. On the 8 bags, you make about N10,000 profit. You can sell more than that depending on your market too. It is really that simple.

We now supply across most cities in Nigeria- Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Owerri and so on. We partner with leading Courier companies to deliver so no worries at all.

The payment term is 70% payment upfront (N35,000). This means you pay us the deposit 1st, then the bags are available within 2 weeks. This is because we ship from outside Nigeria and we ship the latest designs from the manufacturers warehouse in Dubai.  Once we deliver, you balance the remaining N15,000.

For reassurance, you can visit our Location at Ogba, lagos to inspect some of the samples we have on hand. For those outside Lagos, we will just send you some pictures. To organize this, call Evelyn on 08128339388

Payment: Payment will be done to a corporate account name once you are ready. As an evidence of payment, we will issue you a signed/scanned receipt to your email, we will confirm the supply date and will give you updates as needed.

Sales strategy: It is important that you map out your sales strategy ahead of purchase i.e how will you sell the bags? through a shop, through direct 1:1 marketing with friends? colleagues? selling to other stores, Online/social media e.t.c? We give this advise because we look forward to all our clients doing good and profitable business. This is the vision we have.

That is it! It is really that simple to be financially empowered. The ball is in your court now!

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