TOP 75 BUSINESS IDEAS FOR 2015- Episode 1


TOP 75 BUSINESS IDEAS FOR 2015- Especially for women.

Welcome to 2015 and to We will be covering the top 75 business ideas for 2015. Some of these ideas are relatively fresh ideas but many are pretty popular or existing ideas.

The most important approach is to find out which one you can bring alive with your personalized touch of passion, dedication and brilliance!!

This is a long list of 75 so we will not cover all the ideas in details here but there will be subsequent weekly episodes that will expound practical tips to succeed within each sector.

This launch episode gives the list and 7 practical business idea selection criteria.

7 Practical business idea selection criteria: There are a few practical tips that must be considered before starting any business. I have called out 7 simple questions you must answer YES before you start!

  1. Is there a demand for this product/service? Do I know the people/customers/consumers of this product?
  2. Do I have undeniable passion for this venture? Will I do this even if I earn nothing from it?
  3. Am I knowledgeable? Do I know almost everything about this business: the industry trends, the market size opportunity? The consumption pattern? The policies? Future trends? Competitive trends? Am I constantly learning about this?
  4. Am I skilled to handle this business? Do I know HOW to do this business? Do I know someone who knows how to?
  5. Can I meet the demand of this product? Can I do it better than my competitors? Or worst case scenario, am I meeting it at least as good as my competitors?
  6. Can I make PROFIT doing this business? Will I make profit immediately? In the short term? In the long term? Am I ready to keep running the business until when I make profit? Do I have the working capital requirement to keep running the business until I make profit? How long am I ready to wait to make profit?
  7. Do I have a fantastic team or structure in place to ensure business continuity?e if I am sick today? Will my business continue running?



  1. Livestock farming- catfish, snails, goat, chicken
  2. Food restaurant/mobile delivery for offices.
  3. Healthy food restaurant- fruits, fresh juices, smoothies
  4. Cold room/frozen foods retail
  5. Pap production and retail
  6. Bakery- snacks, bread, cake
  7. Small chops supplies/catering
  8. Plantation farming- vegetables, corn, onions
  9. Export of food crops/commodities- yam flour, cotton, rubber, shea butter, chille pepper
  10. Honey export and local retail


  1. Mass media channels- radio station especially outside lagos/Abuja
  2. Ushering/events management/party planners/wedding related services
  3. Lightings/decoration/interior decoration
  4. Videography especially for online content
  5. Modelling agency
  6. Cold drinks supplies for events
  7. Travel/tourism agency
  8. Event centers
  9. Photography
  10. Writers/bloggers/editing.


  1. Distributor of top fmcg brands e.g Noodles, Pasta, Salt, Sugar, Diaper, Beverages, detergents e.t.c
  2. Cement distributorship
  3. Cloths retail
  4. Supermarket
  5. Baby food importation/wholesale
  6. Baby stores retail-clothes, toys, accessories, food e.t.c
  7. Retail of drinks, wine, juices
  8. Retail of gift items and home accessories.
  9. Food retail: rice, oil, beans etc
  10. Building materials retail: doors, lightings, accessories.


  1. Online food market.
  2. Online stores- clothes, accessories, undergarments, beauty products e.t.c


  1. Home administration agency: Nanny, maids, drivers, concierges.
  2. Chefs for expatriate and local communities- healthy food focused
  3. Cleaning services and general facility management
  4. Junk parker/waste management
  5. Customer service centers for service providers
  6. Car wash
  7. Unemployed youths volunteer services.
  8. Security firms
  9. Supplies to companies
  10. Recruitment centers: contract staff management for companies
  11. Image consultant for top professionals-wardrobe management, speech preparation
  12. Digital marketing firms
  13. Transportation/haulage/car taxis/buses (needs detailed supervision and controls)
  14. Customer service agency
  15. Auditing and Tax consulting for private firms
  16. Fumigation, dry-cleaning and gardening firms.


  1. Afterschool care services and crèches.
  2. Skills acquisition centers
  3. Afterschool clubs- dancing, debating, chess, literacy, arts and craft e.t.c for kids.
  4. Private tutors/lesson teachers.
  5. General services/On-campus services for university students/Blogs on maths tutorials for students/waec/jamb preparation
  6. Outsourced bus services- schools, churches e.t.c
  7. Tutorial centers- for waec, gce, a levels jamb e.t.c
  8. Supplies to schools/universities


  1. Health services: Ambulance rental/ Nurses for old people
  2. Pharmacy stores


  1. Natural hair center- products, treatment, consulting e.t.c
  2. Dance/fitness centers
  3. Online tailor/ general tailoring/ fashion designing/clothing line
  4. Hair and beauty place + beauty & hair products retail
  5. Private shopping for events, seasons, gifting
  6. Hair extensions importation and retail


  1. Real estate retail/development
  2. Hostel for campuses


  1. Solar power lightings retail
  2. Petrol filling station
  3. Kerosene retail


  1. Sewing of uniforms- firms, schools, e.t.c
  2. Food processing
  3. Small scale manufacturing- Toothpicks, chalk production, paper bags, etc.
  4. Bottled water manufacturing
  5. Branded materials production/souvenirs
  6. Nylon making



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